The Appartment
This is the latest project I worked on and I was aiming for such a realistic look that I could get. I was testing out a new GPU based renderer which greatly reduced the render time and made it very easy to fine tune the scenes materials.

Cyber Eye
One of my latest highend projects. It's really fun playing around with Mental ray and its shaders. Also have a HDRI as an image based lightning.

T.W.T.P.B. - Shmup Boss Battles Trailer
"An Eye-Candy Treat" (Game Tunnel), "A Deep, Core Action Game" (Casual Review), was a couple of the reviews we got. This Spell of Play production was intence action even from the begining. And there just got more and more bullets. I was the only graphic artist on this production. www.spellofplay.com/games/twtpb/

Mission Borneo
This was a co-production with Jungle Peak and Muskedunder Interactive. This action driven game, where you save animals and the enviroment, me and one of my colleague created almost all of the graphic and animations. Muskedunder Interactive build the game engine. www.dunderserver.com/portfolio/mission_borneo/

Caribbean Pirate Quest
This is one of Spell of Play productions. I did most of the graphics by myself. And in the end it turn out to be a nice looking and addictive puzzle game. www.spellofplay.com/games/pirate-quest

Pirate Princess
This was manly for a Spell of play production but put some extra work in it for personal gain. She is rather lowpoly but since there was no polybudget at all it may be to high for some cases. She is rather expensive in textures, 2 sets (head and body) of color, normalmap and specular color. www.spellofplay.com/games/pirate-quest

A lowpoly project. He's just above 3k in polycount one set of color, normalmap and specular color. Soon I hope I will find the time to rig and skin him.

This old project I reopened it and made some new shaders to get somewhat a more realistic look.

Battleship and Space fighter
At first this was made for some music video back when I had my internship on FX2 (www.fx2.se). After a while I started a own little project and tried to make a short movie with it. Sadly I never completed it.

A old highend project.