May 09 - Oct 09
3D-/2D-Artist – Hello There
  • My work area was 3D development and After Effects Editing.

  • Here I have been involved in the production of several educational games and advertising campaigns including "Magic! 5 The Amulet of Order" and Intersports summer campaign 09.

  • Worked closely with a team of talented graphic designers and flash programmer.

Oct 05 - Aug 09
3D Lead - Jungle Peak Studios AB

  • My main work was to be responsible for the 3D development but also to produce 2D/3D graphics and animation.

  • Other areas of work where web graphics/editing, film editing, 2D/3D effects.

  • Has been involved in developing the concept Azaya and its community.

  • Was responsible for the graphics to several gaming projects including Mission Borneo and Zary Caves.

  • Participated in the development of an entirely new 3D game engine and its own readily available editing tools.

  • Responsible for coordinating the 3D development of an online mutliplayer game world.

  • Produced tile based graphics such as rocks and ground textures to be used for auto-tilening in our editor.

Sep 07 - Ongoing
3D-/2D-Artist – Spell of Play
  • Voluntary work as a graphic designer with a small team of game developers.

  • This has allowed me to be working closely with programmers in the production of some games such as Caribbean Pirate Quest, and T.W.T.P.B. With these games, I worked mostly as a single artist.

Jan 2004 - april 04
3D-artist - FX2 AB, LIA -Learning in work(lärande i arbete)
  • Worked with special effects and 3D elements for music videos and commercials such as the music video for "In Flames - The Quiet Place". Worked primarily in Maya, but also a part of After Effects.







After Effects



Worked daily with Maya and Photoshop since 2002. Excellent knowledge of modelling, uv-mapping and texurering. Good experience in animation and rendering. Good knowledge of After Effects and Illustrator. Moderate knowledge of web handling and also Dreamweaver and Flash.


2002 - 2004
KY-education to 3D-Artist on School Of Future Entertainment in Karlshamn
  • This was my first introduction with Alias Maya.

  • Here we were in some fairly large projects for film and games.

  • We had to develop a game concept and presenting it for a lot of great personalities including Eletronica Arts. Our group got tremendous positive feedback.

  • Also learnd to produce 3D content for film and work with bluescreen.